About Us

Serving New Jersey, New York, and Florida, LLC is an innovative consulting company developing and marketing cutting-edge solutions for the Healthcare Industry.  Specializing in the medical field, we create programs to streamline your medical or dental office. The, LLC Practice Management Team has had great success in increasing physician revenues, reducing the cost of billing and collections, accelerating claim payments and complying with HIPAA requirements.
Using our medical expertise and technical knowledge,, LLC provides complete services to companies, agencies, organizations and associations that wish to develop innovative, state of the art, computer information systems. Our clients include a variety of hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, medical and dental offices, medical equipment manufacturers and service organizations., LLC products and services are designed for easy scalability and modular integration. Our ASP model allows us to bring enterprise-strength Information Technology (IT) resources to medical or dental practices of all sizes. Our advanced technology and "brick and mortar" savvy helps empower our doctor clients to take control of their practice, focus on their craft and enhance their revenues and profits.
At, LLC, we believe that our medical knowledge and the engineering capabilities have uniquely positioned us to reach, teach, and serve the medical and dental community.

We have experience with the following dental practice management and dental digital X-ray imaging software:






Sirona X-ray imaging

Kodak Dental Imaging

Schick X-ray imaging

Dexis X-ray imaging

Dolphin X-ray imaging

Tiger View X-ray imaging

We speak plainly, are honest, and provide results that don't cost a fortune. With a small office, on-site services, and remote services available, we are better able to serve you and your schedule.